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Our ambition – our passion

Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG is a company where attention and ambition, ideas and idealism, performance and passion are not just empty words. Throughout the entire process chain, we devote ourselves to the preparation of high-quality foods with dedication and respect.

Our uncompromising quality commitment, from the sourcing of fresh ingredients to the delivery of finished products, ensures the extraordinary taste of our products. Only if we continuously monitor and improve ourselves at the highest levels can we meet our own and our customers’ expectations.

Our motto

Honest. Genuine. Good.

Our products

Only the best local ingredients.

The environment

Thinking about tomorrow today.


The heart of our family.

Our contribution to sustainable business.


Savings by using LED technology for lighting


Savings on purchased electricity at the Westerwiehe site by using a block-type thermal power station

Our energy management system has been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland

Environmental aspects play an important role for us. Sustainable farming areas, like the ones in Hungary for the fruits that go into our antipasti, low energy and water consumption, MSC-certified fish and regional production sites are just a few of the issues we are dedicated to.

Other important aspects of Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG’s sustainability management are fair working conditions and compliance with social standards along the supply chain. This code of conduct excludes the use of forced labor, child labor and all other forms of exploitation.

MSC certification

Sustainable fishing to preserve the diversity of our oceans.

Animal rights

The use of eggs from
floor kept chickens is
just one aspect of our
animal rights philosophy.

Vegan & vegetarian

Modern and trendy recipes without the use of animal ingredients.

ASC certification

Sustainable fishing regulates catch quotas and preserves biodiversity.

Our quality promise

Only fresh, predominantly regional raw materials and products are used in the production of our products. Compliance with the highest hygiene and safety standards is just as important and as natural for us as the use of the freshest ingredients and the gentle handling of these raw materials. And although we do use many machines and technical quality instruments, we do not rely exclusively on them. All of our products are checked for quality by our employees before, during and after the production process, from delivery to shipment.

The most perfect moments of enjoyment for our customers are made possible by the combined strength of our enthusiasm in production, quality assurance, optimized process chains and our dedicated staff, who bring their minds and hearts to the efforts they invest.

Quality Assurance

At Kühlmann, an in-house team of food technologists, chemical and dairy laboratory technicians, chefs and biological-technical assistants ensure that the quality and safety of our products as well as their taste are always up to the highest standards.

The complicated monitoring and quality control process begins with the procurement of all raw materials, which are checked for harmful substances, among other things, and continues with the testing of all semi-finished products within the production process all the way through to the control of outgoing goods.

In addition to the technical specifications our delicatessen delights must comply with (weight, temperature, percentage of ingredients, viscosity, flow properties, etc.), we also smell and taste, stir and feel, pour and cut at various points during the production process, until everything is as it should be to meet the highest demands.

It goes without saying that we carry out chemical and microbiological testing on all products in our in-house laboratories, and have results and products tested by external and independent institutes.