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Delicatessen products are the pride of our family.

From the founding as an agricultural trade company in 1912 to a medium-sized company with more than 600 salaried employees today, Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG has always been a family company. A genuine partnership based on trust, a love of our region, sustainability that we live and work by, and the highest possible quality continue to be very important to all the generations of our family.

Company management based on both traditional values like respect, esteem and harmony as well as passion is the foundation of our company’s success.

Our own efforts have made us what we are today: A company run using both our minds and our hearts, a company whose employees bring joy and passion to their work, and continuously rediscover their love of enjoying “their” products. We are a great team that loves its home and its region, that works together every day on a foundation of mutual trust, warmth and affection – the basis of a solid and fair partnership.

We think in generations, not in financial quarters: Hendrik and Senta Kühlmann represent the future of the company. They are the new generation that continues with our traditional values, lives by our pioneering spirit and boldly breaks new grounds.

There are 600 of us –
with good reason!

Quality means everything to us. To not only maintain, but also continuously build on our high standards every single day, we need our 600 highly motivated staff members.

On a daily basis, we strive to ensure that our employees come to work in a good mood in the morning and return home in high spirits in the evening. With this in mind, we put great emphasis on short decision-making paths, focusing on traditional values, mutual respect and trust in one other. This attitude forms the basis of our many years of success.

It goes without saying that a good start for our trainees is close to our hearts, which is why we are fully committed to training in different areas. By facilitating and financing continuous training, we create valuable foundations for ensuring our high quality standards.

Management is approachable at all times for every employee, because we are open to ideas, without which there would be no pioneering spirit at Kühlmann. We evaluate ideas on their merit rather than on who submitted them.

It is with good reason that more than 600 salaried employees work for Heinrich
Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG. 80 new staff members joined us in 2015 alone. Others look back on 40 successful years at Kühlmann. That speaks for itself. And for us.


Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. is headed by a team of five executives.

Stephan Bähr presides over the management team as Chairman of the Board and is also responsible for sales and marketing in supermarkets/discount stores, and for HR, IT, and Finance. His priority is to ensure retailer and customer requests are handled swiftly and smoothly, and to make sure the company’s own workforce is happy.

Andrea Kühlmann is responsible for planning and implementing corporate affairs. A good working atmosphere and positive team spirit are very important to her.


Hendrik Kühlmann is our top innovator. He is responsible for innovation and product development. His mission is to reinterpret deli foods to create innovative and contemporary products—and usher in the new generation of delicatessen foods. 

Antonius Borgmeier is responsible for production, logistics, quality assurance, and purchasing. His goal is to ensure that each and every one of the deli products we deliver to customers on a daily basis reach their destination smoothly, and in impeccable quality.

Senta Kühlmann is responsible for marketing and sales in the food service segment, and also heads controlling. Connecting with customers and the market are especially important to her, with her main focus being on quality and creativity.

Our Sites

Fortunately, the interest in our products continues to grow steadily, which is why our facilities also continue to grow.

You can find our Administration and our Salad Production sites, the headquarters of our production in Westerwiehe. Our 2,000 square meter Innovation Center was inaugurated here in early 2017. Our production site in Westenholz handles bulk products for comprehensive delivery to traditional retail stores and discount stores. In 2018, we are building a new 11,000 square meter logistics center in Westenholz for an even better and faster supply chain that will serve our customers.

Westerwiehe Administration

Westerwiehe Production & Innovation Center

Westenholz Production Site

Westenholz Logistics Center